.      ESP-DLux™ Automated UVC Infection Control

        Patented "4 in 1" Functions For Targeted and Continuous Biosecurity

              Economical Custom Designs by Elevated Health Systems™, LLC

The ESP-DLux™ holds five U.S. patents for the automation of UVC germicidal light. No other product on the market offers its flexibility of operations, reliability or affordability.

The patented ESP-DLux™ allows users to effectively and economically custom design automated infection control throughout a facility. Sensor arrays protect all occupants and units can be networked into systems of all sizes.

 ESP-DLux™ System

Ultraviolet light is comprised of three types, UVA, UVB (contained in sunlight) and UVC light (filtered by the Earth's atmosphere). UVC bulbs have been used for decades to eradicate all microbes in industries and laboratories.

ESP-DLux™ Advantage

User-friendly controller automatically:

  • ​Sanitizes air when room is occupied
  • Disinfects surfaces/air when unoccupied
  • Disinfects upper room air when occupied
  • Disinfects entryways for traffic control
  • ​Networks into systems or used alone
  • ​Continuously documents usage

About UVC Light