Elevated Health Systems, LLC, CEO John DuPuis, M.D. has 30 years experience in medicine, business and technology.

As a Pediatrician and Sports Medicine physician, Dr. DuPuis is dedicated to overcoming the dangers of antibiotic resistant bacteria and mutating viruses which threaten our nation and world. With fewer antibiotics available to treat these infections, he believes PREVENTION is of utmost importance to public health.

Elevated Health Systems, LLC founder, Ann Alexander DuPuis, has 16 years of experience in biotechnology and 25 years in organizational management.

Ms. DuPuis believes that the germicidal power of UVC light can be optimized for use in enclosed spaces while keeping occupants safe from over-exposure through cutting-edge sensor and wireless communication technologies, resulting in the company's ownership of 5 U.S. patents and the design and manufacturing of the innovative and effective ESP-DLux™ infection control system. 

Wichita Technology Corporation is a 501c(3) not-for-profit corporation that provides capital and value added services to well-managed companies with superior growth potential. We strive to help talented entrepreneurs develop and realize their goals through consulting, mentorship, and networking. 

WTC was created in 1994 to grow and sustain a formal innovation network that supports technology advancement, transfer and commercialization in Kansas by leveraging public resources with those of the private sector to facilitate business formation and growth.



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